Hard wired remote for Hayward ProLogic controller? Which one? Expandability?


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Nov 30, 2009
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Hi All,

Got distracted for awhile - but, getting tired of walking outside around house every time I want to adjust something on my controller.

Had a previous thread started when I was going to go the wireless route, but determined I can run wire without too much trouble - and, I only want one location for a remote pad (inside the house).

I can install, but I understand the control boards within the ProLogic grouping have different firmware - and this causes some wired remote controllers to NOT work. This plus a lot of confusion on my part about which hard wired remote I need - especially, given I may want to add a fifth relay for a solar mat heater.

To the which firmware question - I am unable to determine from looking at the panel which firmware is on the PCB. The outside panel says SmartControl Automation, the PCB has several sets of numbers on tags:
- G1-015043H-1
- G1-011049F-1G 1736100006
- 090007-44601

I currently have what looks like a PL-P-4 that controls a two speed pump, pool lights, gas heater and a UV system (see photos). Is the Hayward AQL-WW-P-4 the correct wired solution for this basic setup? (no spa). The differences in P and PL are confusing me.

If I want to add a solar mat later - will I need a fifth relay position for this, which would mean a panel change to a PS-8 for that relay - or can I just bolt on another relay in one of the other four locations on the enclosure (see photo)? And, does this mean I would also need the local controller for (up to) eight relays - and the remote controller for (up to) eight relays?

Looking for a basic, but reliable solution - more confusing than I thought as the technical solutions have expanded :). The firmware differences are confusing, and add on top the future need for a solar heater ... gah ...

Would really appreciate some advice!



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Maybe @JamesW can sort this out for you. Hayward has the most confusing automation product line of the major pool companies.


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Nov 30, 2009
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OK, I am no closer to knowing the appropriate course of action, but have simplified my questions - I think:

1. Is my panel PL-P-4 or PL-PS-4? (can this be determined from the photos?)

1. Is the appropriate wired remote for the current four relay system: AQL2-WW-PS4?

2. If I add a solar heater in the future will the current control panel (PCB) support this (see photos)? ie do I need to add another relay? ie do I need a PL-PS-8 panel?

3. If I add a solar heater in the future will I need an eight relay (next size up) remote from the four relay remote? ie the AQL2-WW-PS8

4. My enclosure has open locations for four additional relays - so, it doesn’t need to be changed, right? Just relays added?


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Mar 2, 2011


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Nov 30, 2009
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Thanks, JamesW - was just chatting with INYO and they say it is a PS-4 not a P-4 ... :)

Joe says the P5ACT288 near the bar code (above serial number and it's bar code) indicate it as a PS-4, on door sticker.

The images Hayward has for the PS-4 look the same as the images they have for the P-4 which look like the images for my control.

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Nov 30, 2009
North Florida
Have spent hours trying to get to Hayward via phone ... I can leave number and when they call back there is no one on the line. Weird.

Here is another image I found - looks exactly like my panel - Blue Haven and SmartControls markings - AND, the number is "PL-PS-4-X288" - the 288 being same as the last three of the code of P5ACT288 ... perhaps this was sold as a complete package to BlueHaven and the enclosure relates to the PS-4 vs the P-4?


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