Hard Plumbing Intex Pool


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Mar 15, 2017
HI! My husband and I are wanting to hard plumb our 26x52 Intex pool. Right now, it's basic, still have the intex pump, and hoses. We have a Hayward vari-flo sand filter we are hooking up, and my husband wants to hard plumb and add a fountain while we are doing that. The only question he really has is for the setup/ and fittings that go to the pool itself? If anyone can give me step by step fittins, and/or pictures, that would be so helpful!! Thanks!!!!


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Jun 26, 2012
Edmond OK
My suggestion is to ditch the Intex fittings and install a Hayward through the wall skimmer and return eyeball. They'll work much better to keep your pool clean and will mate right up to your Hayward filter.

You have to cut your liner, but just take a deep breath and do it. Many of us have, and I've not seen a single person yet that ruined their pool.

You can connect an Intex hose to a 2" PVC fitting by adding an extra rubber washer (the threading is different and it won't tighten up without the extra washer), but this isn't the optimal solution. I had to do it to use my Intex robot.