Happy Turkey Day!


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
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Yes, I know I am a day early...but this time tomorrow I will be face deep in some turkey goodness and getting ready for a nice nap!

I am thankful for many, MANY things as I have been one lucky fella over the years and TFP is on that list. I can't imagine the pain of owning a pool without the resources and help from TFP. We are entering our 4th year of pool ownership and what can I say? TFP has made it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. So, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

On that note, time to start getting the car packed to hit the road. I am also very thankful to only be travelling about 100 miles by car. :)


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Oct 2, 2017
I completely agree with HeyEng. It also has been four years since our replaster and finding the TFP forum. During these four years, my pool has been “trouble free”, no algae, no water line build up, nothing but clear, sparkling water. So a big thanks to the folks who offer guidance by sharing their knowledge and experience to help all of us. Happy Thanksgiving to all.