Hand holding needed! Water balancing attempt for SWG conversion .


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Jun 10, 2018
Bell Buckle, TN

6/12-3:10 PM FC - 18
6/12-3:10 PM. Add I gal 6%
6/12-3:55 PM FC - 27.5
6/12-7:30 PM FC - 21
6/12-10:30 PM FC - 21
6/13-8:00 AM FC - 21 CC - .2
PH, by the 50% cut method, is 7.2

I think we may have done it guys!!!
Going to hold it a bit longer to be sure.
I noticed the filter pressure went up 5 lbs yesterday so we are catching something.
I will report full test results at some point later.

THANKS a bazillion!


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Jun 10, 2018
Bell Buckle, TN
OK, I thought I owed you guys a check in. But first Happy Fathers Day! I got a couple of cool tee shirts and an awesome waterproof JBL charge 5 bluetooth speaker for the pool deck.

It's was a busy week including stripping the deck to re-stain. (covered the pool up with a tarp)

Had three successful OCLT in a row.
I pump 8 hours through the mid day and turned on the SWCG to 50%. FC wasn't falling at all after a couple days so I cut the SWCG to 20%... still not much FC falling.
Finally turned SWCG OFF and ran a lot of aeration all day. FC down, PH is up ~.4

Scrubbed the steps and put them in. Scrubbed the solar cover and the leaf net with Clorox as well as all the floats and pool toys and even the deck chairs. Had swimmers yesterday. Several mentioned how pretty the water was! Put the solar cover on last evening.

Todays numbers. SWG still off, pool covered.
FC 12.8
CC .2
PH 7.6
TA 90
CH 40
CYA 40
Borate 50
Salt 3,600
Temp 88

Recommended adjustments?

I can't thank you guys enough for riding it out with me. Thanks to TFP I had a relaxing Fathers day loafing by the pool. IMG_1923.JPG


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Well done.. looks good to me.. well maybe bring your CYA up to 60-70.. you know that FC/CYA Chart thing.
This was my favorite Fathers Day TShirt present... I wear it with pride!

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Jun 10, 2018
Bell Buckle, TN
Well my new SWCG works SO good I don't even have to turn it on... :ROFLMAO:
But seriously...
...trying to adjust it after the slam. I let the FC drop to 5 with the cover off and some aeration, then I turned on the SWG 12 hr/day @45%, and put the cover back on, FC starts going up. So adjusted down to 35% @ 12 hr, then 35% @ 8 hr, then 25% and finally 5% at 8 hr, FC still too high, had gotten up to 11.5. Now, completely off for ~3 days and 8 hours a day with some moderate aeration and it lost only about 1-1/2% FC, down to 10. It's hot here but only about 50% sunny and it seems the cover does wonders to stop the loss of chlorine. Plus no pool use for several days.

Still can't wait to use my new SWCG. Have had it operational for over a month!

My current numbers...
FC- 10
CC- 0
PH- 7.4
TA- 80
CH- 80
CYA- 60
Salt- 3700
Bo- 50
temp- ~88
CSI- -0.98
So... would you do any additional chemical tweaking?

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Jun 10, 2018
Bell Buckle, TN
Did you see my linked photo album in my sig? Well first off I had 20 years as an electrician in my first carrier with my contractor dad's construction company so this was pretty much child's play for me. It's about 250 feet as the wire runs from the far corner of the house to the pool :eek:... just my luck... and yes I wanted to run a fat wire because voltage drop is hard on motors AND a test run with #10 stranded commercial extension cords showed a ~10% drop in voltage on start up. Code recommends 10% max drop for locked rotor loads! So, one might as well go overkill right? I ran 125 feet of #6 copper through the attic and down to a disconnect on the corner of the house closest to the pool. Could have used #8 I suppose. From there I ran #2 Alum. direct bury underground service cable in PVC conduit, because thats the cheapest way to get a fat line underground, plus thats what the inspector suggested. The conduit was required only because or very rocky ground. (Inspector came by and looked it over before hand) I'm happy and my motor thanks me! I see no virtually zero voltage drop at the pump. Cost of wire wasn't really that bad at the time, now it's stupid crazy... Rented a trencher for the ditch. Uggg... 20 feet of the ditch hit solid rock at 12 inches. Code requires 24 inches OR allows 4 inches of concrete over the conduit for protection if 24 isn't possible... so bags of Sakrete to the rescue. 8 foot ground rod driven at the pump house for the breaker box. NOT connected to the pool ground loop. (per code).

Oh yea, almost forgot... leaves plenty power to add a heater.
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Jun 13, 2015
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I did see your photo album. That's where I saw the pool wasn't close to the house. No voltage drop over 250' - Nice job!

PS - Love the fountain & deck lights
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