Hallmark inground pool fiberglass sides are rough and algae grows daily


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May 13, 2019
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I have a 1965 Hallmark pool. At least I have been told that is what it is called. It has a concrete bottom, and fiberglass walls. The walls also have joints in them, where it looks as though they layed the bottom, then brought the sides in as premade pieces and then put them together. It also has a safety ledge all the way around.
1. The fiber glass sides are rought - should it be painted or plastered or what are my best maintenance options?
2. Currently using pool chemical service uses chlorine gas once a week, it’s not contolling the algea, should I try other chlorine options, for better control ?
3. Using manual vacuum from skimmer basket, and zodiac. (The external pipe for use of Polaris has A leak and would require major jackhammering under surface concrete around pool.)
4. What do you recommend.

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Jo, I posted on your intro thread, but I'll help get this one going:
1 - A good company may offer a surface prep and new gelcoat. There are also some new products that can be applied as well. I suspect it could also be covered with vinyl once the rough areas are removed.
2 - A weekly pool service will probably not remove your algae. That requires a SLAM Process process by the pool owner with the right test kit (i.e. TF-100) and consistent applications of chlorine/regular bleach.
3 - I too vacuum from the skimmer. Many owners today are moving away from suction cleaners and investing in a robot cleaner. It's electric and doesn't reduce water flow from the pump. It's an investment, but many folks love them.
4 - For now, get a TF-100 test kit. Show us your true water test results. Free store testing is often flawed. We may be able to help you monitor and care for the water on your own. The $$$ saved could pay for a robot later.

Great to have you on the forum.