Hair highlights turned green by chlorine??


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May 17, 2016
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
I'm old enough to remember. HATED it. lol
I thought I'd check the Deep End out and I am glad I did! It is so nice to see you on here frustratedpoolmom!! The experts on here are all nice, helpful, and knowledgeable but I sure do miss seeing you, Waterbear, ChemGeek, JasonLion and others chiming in. There were some really interesting conversations and a lot of shared me sentimental :)
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Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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Tell your wife and her hair dresser, that she can turn the green hair back to blonde by using ketchup. Yup. A ketchup shampoo will do the trick. And if it's really green, it might take 2 goes at it. It works well on blonde haired dogs that turn green too. You ever seen a green dog? Man its hilarious, I promise!

I dont think it matters if it's Heinz or Delmonte!
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