Had it with Pool Stores

Jumper Dude

Oct 13, 2019
Fulshear , Texas
Friend at church told me about this site so I thought what do I have to lose. Spending a fortune at local Pool Store here in Fulshear Texas, maybe $300 in the last two weeks. Friday took two water samples to two different pool store locations and they both gave different readings, one told me to add shock and the other told me to drain some water. So who do you believe ?


Silver Supporter
Jul 29, 2019
Sugar Land, TX
Neither. Do your own tests.
Check this out of you haven't already:Test Kits Compared

I had a pool store tell me my Calcium hardness was 900 once. It was more like 100 at the time. There may be some good pool stores out there, but I haven't found one yet.

Pool water chemistry may be intimidating for some people, but there are some good resources here that break it down for you.
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry