Hacking the IntelliFlo protocol....

Greetings from the mountains in Colombia!

entering 3 months of lockdown now, finally can get out of the house more than once a week.

In the meantime, I've been developing an automation system for my rainwater system and pool chemistry. See pic

I monitor pH, hardness, filter pressure (pool and rain water), temperature, house pressure etc. Touchscreen display, web-interface, email alerts. Controls valves, pumps (other than the IntelliFlo)

Things are going well enough that I'm thinking of kicking out my huge EasyTouch (or whatever that Pentair automation is called) and controlling it via my Arduino Mega 2560 R3. It still has 75% memory available...

With that, comes the question of controlling the Pentair IntelliFlo pump, running of RS485, if I'm not mistaken. Has anyone hacked the protocol of this and is willing to share?



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If you search the web there are a number of home automation projects floating around that have pentair rs485 protocol support. For example nodejs-pentair
Thanks Rlab. I had searched the web before, but focussing on Arduino-Pentair. This seems RPi Pentair... I have a bunch laying around. My Pump Room is currently run by an Arduino Mega, I'll dig some more. Thanks again. Cheers
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