Gushing to Backwash in Filter Mode

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May 19, 2020
Richmond, Virginia
Hi, long time reader first time poster. I have a Hayward S244T sand filter with a Hayward Vari-Flo XL valve. I’ve been experiencing small leaks from the backwash discharge after backwashing for a couple of years, usually resolved by jiggling the handle. This year when I opened the pool I have water pouring out after backwash. I have replaced everything not made of plastic in my valve key and still it’s pouring water in filter mode after backwashing. That’s the spider gasket, key base gasket, spring, spring washers, handle o-rings, and the plastic washer under the handle. I have thoroughly cleaned and inspected the bearing surface in the valve body and it seems perfect (as does the rest of the plastic in the key). I can make it stop by putting it to closed or winter and letting it sit for a while and checking for the backwash flow to stop before turning back to filter. I can hear what sounds like bubbling/draining when I have it to closed/winter so maybe I have a suction issue? I’ve taken the valve apart twice now (once for the spider gasket and again today to replace the spring and o-rings), and all the plastic surfaces are still nice and smooth and clean and the new spider gasket wasn’t out of place or mangled in any way. I lubed up the gaskets. I really don’t understand what else could be the problem. I am about to just buy a whole new valve but fail to see what’s wrong with the one I have. It should be good as new with all the new gaskets and parts (the new spring was about 1/8” taller than the old one). What makes me suspicious that it’s something other than the condition of the valve is the amount of water leaking - if it were getting past the spider gasket because the bearing surface was worn, given the new spring and spider gasket I’d think it would be a trickle like I’ve experienced in years past and not this new heavy flow.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 10, 2012
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Darn! I was all set to tell you to replace the spider gasket................but you have and then some!!! Maybe this will draw some more eyes to it.
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