Gunite Too Wet for Plaster?


Jun 26, 2019
Houston, TX
The gunite for our pool has been completed for nearly 3 months. :rolleyes: Everything else is done and we are just (not so patiently anymore) waiting on plaster -- French Gray PebbleSheen. They've come out several times and drained the water that has accumulated on the deep end, but the water is not completely drying on the bench that goes down the length of 2 sides of our pool. They said it is seeping in from the back because the surrounding soil is wet. We are in Houston so rain and humidity are a given and certainly don't help matters. But surely this kind of wait can't be the norm! We've had 5 days now of beautiful low humidity / sunshine days and the bench is still wet and rain is forecasted for Thursday!

Any thoughts on how to dry up the bench besides keeping our fingers crossed the weather cooperates (which won't happen)? And/or is there a bigger problem with the gunite / installation if it's not drying out like it should? Thank you!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

When they built the pool at my house, they hit a small underground spring, but they did not really understand what they had done.. They went ahead and shot the gunite but the plaster guy refused to plaster because of the water weeping though the gunite..

At every step of the way the pool builder kept saying "No problem..." They tried to spray gunite water proofing... did not help.. They drilled holes in the gunite to "relieve the pressure"... did not help.. They tried another dozen tricks that did not work...

To make a long story short, they had to remove the deck on two sides of the pool, dig a sloping trench, filled with gravel, 6 to 8 feet deep on two sides of the pool and then install a 10 foot deep pit with a sump pump in the bottom. Five years later, this pump still runs 24/7 (on and off of course) and even in the middle of the summer it still does not run out of water... It works, but delayed our build about three or four months.

The point is... the sooner they give the water a place to go, the sooner your pool build will get back on track..


Jim R.