Guidelines for posts by people who are in the industry


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May 7, 2007
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No commercial selling is allowed. You many not promote your products or services or advocate for your company. Nothing that sounds like marketing speak is allowed. You can't say anything like "Use my product.", "My products are cheaper and easier to use.", "My Company has the best widgets on the market." or anything even remotely like that.

You may not put links to your web site or products into posts out of context. You may respond to direct questions with your business name and/or a link, when that is a specific answer to a question, or when your web site contains a specific answer to the question. For example, you can answer a question like: "Does anyone know of a company that sells blue widgets?" with a response like: "We carry blue widgets, see Or "How do I turn red widgets blue?" with "There is a tutorial on changing widget colors at my web site:". In either case it must be clear that you are affiliated with the company whose product is being mentioned.

You can answer technical questions about your products and talk about the technical details of how they work when that is on topic. For example, if asked "How do I reset the sensor reading on a MyCompany widget?" you can answer with something like "To reset the sensor reading you need to pull on the red wire three times and then cycle power."

You may not conduct business or provide non-technical customer service on the forum, even in response to a direct question. If this comes up, please use email or private messages and limit any posts to "I sent you a PM.", or something similar. To clarify, you may explain how to use your product in response to a direct question. You can also post to ask someone to contact you in response to their post trying to contact you or your company. But you may not resolve things like shipping or billing problems on the forum.

You can not promote or recommend specific brands or products from other vendors, except in response to a question specifically asking for a product/brand recommendation.

You are encouraged to put your company name in your signature. Like all forum members, you may not have a link of any kind in your signature until you have posted 200 meaningful posts. After you have completed 200 posts, you may put a link to your business web site in your signature. If you have your business name in your signature, you must not post simply to have your signature appear.

Usernames or Avatars cannot be affiliated with any company without approval from Administration. If you wish to use your business name on the forum please contact staff for more details.