Grout problems

Dec 22, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Earlier this year I had my pool replastered and decking redone. I am noticing cracks in the grout between the tiles and the decking. In some places the grout has cracked on the top (at the deck) in other places the cracks are at the top of the tile. I am in the process of removing the loose grout and then will regrout it. My wife says that I should call the company that did the work. My thinking is that if their work was substandard on this portion of the job what good would it be to attempt to have them correct the problem. None of the remaining grout has this problem only the part that is out of the water and is subjected to our extreme temperatures here in Las Vegas. The tile guys who did this portion of work also failed to use bullnosed edge tiles on the dam between the spa and pool.


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Apr 16, 2007
I'd call the company first and see what there remedy will be.

Can you show us some pics of your tile/pool? Maybe someone could give you pointers if you do decide to do it yourself.