Grout Plume when brushing


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May 13, 2020
Below ground: Concrete, salt water chlorinator
Tiles: Glass Mosaic

My first post!

My pool was commission 3 years ago. In its first season, there as a light grout plume apparent when brushing the tiles. I raised this with the pool company who said "its calcium and continue to brush" following an onsite meeting.

The pool has an automatic chemical system and the ph is always in balance and checked for re-calibration.

After three years the plume is still apparent and when emptying the pool for the first time last month, the grout is now well below the surface level of the tile, where below the water line. Above the water line, it has only washed out slightly where there is a dripping point near some coping (and where the pool cleaner and my brushing does not go).

If I get a tooth brush, I can brush the grout line and see very light grout has come out. Continuing brushing will only continue to brush out the grout.

I am now in dispute with the pool company. :cry:

Question: given that the issue must be with the grout, where and now can this be chemically tested? How to sample?

Any ideas, would be appreciated. I have gone to the grout supplier and they will not do. The pool company is blaming me for poor chemical management to get out of any responsibility to fix.