Ground wire disconnected - re-connect?


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Apr 9, 2013
Columbia, SC
I had a pump replaced under a home warranty recently, and I specifically remember what appeared to be a copper ground wire, connected to a ground screw on the motor side of the pump. After the new pump and motor was added, this wire was no longer connected.

Any reason an installer would leave the ground disconnected? Should I just reattach it myself? I don't want to call them for such a simple thing like that if that's the case.

I'm no Bob Vila, but I can use a screwdriver! :D

Pic attached (after new pump installed, ground not connected) If you click on the pic to see a larger image, and look above and to the right of the "D", you will see what I think is the ground screw that the wire should go through.



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Jun 22, 2009
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Yeah, just terminate it under that bonding lug. The installer of the new pump should have reconnected when they replaced the pump.

If I were an evil person I'd call them up and tell them that I had a person electrocuted and the investigator found the bonding wire left unhooked from the pump.


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May 30, 2012
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That is not a ground wire, it is a bonding wire and it should be attached.

Chances are, your pool is not up to code anyway, unless it was installed less than 5 years ago or so.

There should be a #8 bonding wire buried around your pool, with a bond to one of the pool legs. The bare bonding wire from the motor should run to this lug as well. In addition, if you have a metal ladder, that should be bonded as well.

Before that code change in 2008, most pools were not bonded like that. Mine has the motor lug bonded to a ground rod. I really should bond a wire from that ground rod to one of my pool legs as well.