Ground water contamination affecting chemisty


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May 29, 2007
Alberta, Canada
Has anyone had issues with ground water seepage affecting their water chemisty?
OUr scenerio is that our vinyl liner has many small holes. We know this because wwe get water pooling under the liner and when we vacuum we push dirty water up through the holes. Then we patch them...but in the mean time we are getting ground water in the pool.
We've also had issues with the vinyl liner coming unhooked on the edge a few times and getting ground water spills overthe edge.
I have been keeping my chlorine levels high due to high cyanuric acid levels ( fired that pool guy).

Anyway, because we are a semi-public pool we must submit water samples to our health authority. The last 4 weeks we have had poor water quality reports. What is odd though is that we never have chloriforms but we do have a high hetrotropic counts.
After much discussion with our health inspector he thinks the ground water is causing these problems. He thinks that because chloriforms are more sensitive to chlorine they are being killed but we are obviously growing something in there from some source.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any suggestions?
We are shocking every second night for now despite high chlorine levels because the health inspector wants us to do something.

Free Chlorine 14.69
Total Chlorine 14.99
PH 7.4
Alk 109
CYA 50-70
CH 350

Thanks in advance