Grotto interior design feedback needed


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Feb 3, 2011
Brentwood, CA
We are in the final stages of our grotto. Our PB is not an expert with grottos so we have lots of conversations back and forth before we do things.

We are NOT his first grotto so don't freak out.

We have reached INTERIOR design stage and my pre research never showed this level of detail so I am totally unprepared.

This is the interior of the grotto above the waterline tile (walls and ceiling basically).

Our grotto is a gunite shell (see attached image)

We were given a few options
-Tile it all
-Ledger stone
-Smooth stucco

My wife and I agree definitely no tile

We are meh on the stone

We are currently leaning smooth stucco because simple is better

Any feedback or advice from people who have gone through this already?

Are we making a 100% disaster move that needs to be avoided?

Thanks in advance