gremlins in aqualink RS


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Apr 26, 2017
Hi guys,

Need some help with my aqualink RS control panel. Today I noticed that I could not connect to iAqualink app via my phone. At first I though it might be related to my wifi, but upon further inspection I noticed that LCD on the aqualink RS control panel was not working. Usually it would say "Auto", nothing would happen when i put it in manual mode either.
I reset the breaker to the whole system, reconfigured wifi connection and now can connect to it with the app. However control panel LCD is still not working, neither is the pentair VS filter pump. The panel has power and i can turn on/off pull lights fountains and backyard lights. When I turn on the filter pump it starts displaying water temp in the phone app, but the pump itself does not turn on nor shows any signs of getting power.
Furthermore, aquapure is not being found by the app.
Any idea what might be causing this issue?

Thanks for help,

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