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Jul 5, 2010
This is my first pool. Completed owner/builder project late Oct. 2009. So we are just now really getting into the intricacies of use. Been lurking for a bit to familiarize myself with the language, etc. etc.

General specifications, 429 sq.ft, 15,000 gal free form. PENTAIR 520 Clean/Clear Filter-120v Intellibrite Pool lite-3/4 hp booster pump-1.5 hp 230v EE WhisperFlo Pump-IntelliFlo VS-3050 VSPump-Easy Touch remote, Integrated IntelliChlor iC40 Salt Chlorine Generator and Kreepy Krauly Platinum cleaner. Pebble Sheen finish, solar going in next season.

I have one questions for now, sure more will come:
1. How long after Super Chlorinating can folks start swimming again?

Thanks, for your assistance.



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Nov 5, 2008
When the Free Chlorine (FC) is less than the shock level of FC as calculated by the Chlorine/CYA chart you can swim. This requires that you are certain of your CYA level as well as your FC level. Test strips are useless for this data, you need a good test kit.

If you've read much here you know that most of us use the TF100 or another version of the kits.

Swimming then also assumes that you are actually finished shocking; meaning that you have passed the Overnight Chlorine Loss test, and CC < 0.5 and the water is not green but clear.
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