Greetings, Newbie with PIX


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Sep 9, 2007
Great Site, I thought I would share some pictures of our dig/build. We have attempted to make use of the limited space we do have, and still have work to do with respects to landscaping and privacy. Comments and input is appreciated


Closest thing to a before ... Start of Dig... FYI, no grubs...


Main Drain

Start of Footer

Pad for Heater, Filter and Pump

End of Day 1

Start of backfill

Completing the Deck

Heater and Box for Pump and Filter

Liner Installation Complete, Partial Fill

Landscaping in progress, it may look cold, it is...

Next up, shed in the back (hopefully before snow) and in the spring shrubs/hedges for privacy. Suggestions are welcome

Thats all for now...G

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