Greetings from TN

Just joined this site. I bought a house with a pool, and to day that I don't know the first thing about taking care of a pool is an understatement, with the exception of the wealth of knowledge that I have read on this site so far. I am planning on doing everything myself so I need all the help I can get.

I just purchased the TF-100 test kit. My pool is really green!! But I'm up to the challenge! Thanks!! Working on the signature too!


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May 11, 2014
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Welcome to TFP!!:handwave:

My first suggestion is to stay away from any the pool store. Their only response it to sell you something.

I will tell you, it didn't turn green overnight and it will take time to clear. But, we can teach you how to get it sparkling and keep it that was for a lot less money than the pool store.

We base our pool care system on accurate testing and only adding what the pool needs, when it needs it. To do that you need your own accurate test kit which you have already ordered

While you wait for it to get delivered, you have a homework reading assignment. Start with ABCs of Water Chemistry and Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis

When you get a moment, please add the details of your pool to your forum signature. To change your profile and/or signature, select "Settings" (top right under Pool School button). Scroll down (left side) to "My Settings" & select Edit Profile or Edit Signature.
Currently my water level is not at the recommended operation level, which as I understand should be half way up skimmer? I was planning on letting the rain fill it up as I have asked other pool owners in the area when do they start to open their pools and the answer I get is around the 1st of May. But with the algae problem, and the increase in warmer weather as the days go by, the algae is going to get worse. So, I know that it is going to take a bit to get rid of the algae and just figured sooner the better?

1. Should I go ahead and bring the pool to operational level or wait?
2. I wanted to deep clean my Sand filter, but not sure how to isolate it from the plumbing and remove the part that is in my way (sorry not sure what the name of it is) when I take the top off. So, should I just forget about the deep clean until another time?
3. If I don't do the deep clean, do I need to fill the filter up with water before turning the pump on?
4. Before I do any water tests, should I bring the pool to operation status first?

The pool was used by the previous owner and was closed at end of October last year.


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Welcome Sir! Glad you decided to join us!

1. Yes
2. Please post a picture of your equipment.
3. You can, but it isn't a must
4. Yes. Top it up to good level as you mentioned and let it run 30-40 minutes before testing. If it were me, I would get the equipment running as soon as it was safely above the skimmer in depth, say an inch and a half or two. Youll likely have to prime the pump suction unit several times to get it going. Maybe less. If you have questions about valves needing opening, be sure to ask first and we can help.

Post up your results and let us help you get this going. You do not want to wait any longer from here than you can help to get started, because Algae is getting ahead. But no worries, we will catch up and knock it out cold. :lol:

Stallion, I moved this to just getting started since this will be a better place than the intro section since we will tuen this into a Q&A


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Mar 22, 2017
Ok. Got the pool equipment up an running today and did my first water test as recommended. Thanks Patrick! I have the results but not sure about the TA result. The instructions said it would turn green and then add drops until it turns red. Mine didn't turn green, it turned red before I added any of the other drops. I'll just wait on the recommended next steps, which I'm going to guess is replace water to get the CYA level down? So the results are as follows.

CYA = 90
FC = .5
PH = 6.8 or less
TA = 0 as it instantly turned red not green.
CH = 100 wasn't sure if I needed to do this test.

Pics of equipment below

IMG_6479.jpg IMG_6490.jpg IMG_6481.jpg

Thought I would add a pic of the pool too as a before pic.
Thanks JJ!! Glad to be here!

So I retested CYA after letting the pool water circulate for a little longer..... "sanity check" just couldn't bring myself to drain half the pool yet, but after a second test and getting the same result..... yep remember I'm a newb! lol. I plan on starting to drain the pool tonight, because it is supposed to rain tomorrow and take advantage of some "Free" water! :D Should have it filled back up in the next couple of days. Then another test and go from there.

I discovered three minor leaks in my plumbing, its just a drip here and there, but a leak just the same which I'm assuming that I need to address?

In the first posted picture, the pipe that is coming out the top of the pump is leaking where the pipe goes into the pump... I can see white deposit stains, which tells me it has been leaking for a while.

In the Third posted picture, if you see the screw head, lower right corner of the picture, in the pipe and go to the left to the elbow, it is leaking on the right side of the elbow piece, that one is just a drip ever so often.

In second posted picture on the right hand side there is a cylinder sticking up. I think this is a chemical dispenser, to put chlorine pucks?? Anyway at the top of that cylinder that is a pipe coming out with a 90 degree elbow with a rubber hose attached with a screw metal clamp. I have tried to tighten the clamp but it is still leaking just a bit.

Any help or advice on repairing these leaks or need to look to change anything with the current plumbing configuration please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all the help!! I am loving this forum already! You all rock!
Need help!!! I'm trying to drain water out of the pool. Put it on waste and opened my waste valve, turned the pump on. Everything is fine. Now that the water level is below the skimmers the water isn't draining anymore. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't it be pulling water from the main?

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not exact, but not tons over either. That is only 5% more, so it wont be an issue. Just don't say the 7.5 jugs rounds to 10 (=

You can actually scroll to the bottom of pool math to see the effect of adding 4 jugs