Greetings from the UK and soon to be Bulgaria!


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Sep 14, 2020
Just wanted to say Hello :) I`m new to all this! We are buying a house (Hopfully in a years time - (No hurry from the sellers! Which is good) in Bulgaria! It has a Swimming Pool! All i`ve done is Oh look it has a Swimming Pool! We`re going to own a swimming pool and another Life Box to tick!! So we don`t have one at the moment!! Joining this Forum is for research in to how to look after a swimming pool properly and keep the water clean and fresh without having to change the water and spend hundrends in the process. I don`t want to buy the house and then look for info on the pool which i will still do of course!! I want to be pre-paired and do it right! I want to learn all the tricks of the trade, any wives tails etc on looking after a Swimming Pool! We are visiting the house again in November to check it all over and the pool and to learn everything (Covid rubbish willing!!) So no pool yet but very excited in getting one! ..... Hello :)


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May 3, 2019
Take some photos of both the pool and equipment and share here for further advice.