Greetings from South Central PA


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May 27, 2020
York PA
Hello All! So glad to have stumbled upon this group. I've stayed in the background the last few months and have observed. Based on the value I put on this site/forum I opened up my wallet and became a Gold Supporter yesterday. This site has earned my trust and support through the results I have achieved through your methodology. I'll admit, during my "search for truth" I initially categorized TFP as "the bleach people". The seemingly oversimplification of the process was met with a bit of cynicism on my part. With so much conflicting info and opinions it's very difficult for a newbie pool owner to know who to trust. Regardless, I signed up, tuned in and kept an open mind. My "aha moment" came when I took my water sample to my pool dealer and they had no concern regarding my CYA level of 70. Their print out shows an appropriate CYA range from 30-200. I immediately came home, took the trichlor tablets out of my feeder, switched to 10% liquid chlorine, and put my trust in the TFP method. I have not been disappointed. The pool is crystal clear and very easy to maintain. No need to buy algaecide or the "SHOCK" products my pool company claims I need to administer on a weekly basis. My hat's off to all "the bleach people" who make this site what it is. Glad to me part of the group.
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