GReetings from Cranston RI


May 23, 2020
Rhode Island
Not really new to the site. Have been a lurker for a long time. Just finished a patch job on my 40 year old concrete pool. Made a post with pics in the under construction forum. Will paint it this week end. Well I consider myself very lucky that my pool ( minus this patch job and one other smaller one ) has been just normal maintenance. No cracks over the life of the pool. Even the pool apron. There are 3 cracks in the apron that developed a few years after the pool was finished but they are the same 3 that are still there now. I watched it get built when my parents owned the house. Have read so many horror stories with concrete pools. I read the recent post can this be patched or total rebuild. Wow that is a shame people have to go through something like that. I found Trouble Free Pool searching for alternatives to highly over price pool supply stores. After the pool is refilled the cost to bring the chemicals to proper levels would be close to $200.00 from the local pool supply houses. With the information I learned from Trouble Free Pool less than half that. The calcium harness is the big one. We have very hard water up here in RI. I start from pretty much 0 hardness when filling the pool after painting. Can get a 50lb bag of 90% calcium chlorided from a local contractor store for about $23.00. Usually takes about 40lbs to get to 300. That's around $70.00 alone at a pool supply house. Calcium hardness etches the paint pretty quickly if you don't maintain the correct level. Thank you Trouble Free Pool for the information provided to all.

Vinny in little Rhode Island