Greetings from Austin


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Apr 5, 2017
Austin, TX
Hello from Southwest Austin.

I just thought I'd go ahead and say hello after all the hours I've sunk in to lurking and reading these forums.
I have been my own pool guy since we bought this house nearly 4 years ago aside from a few vacations. The methods here have worked great for me, and I found solid advice for similar situations I found myself in with my pool.
I've had great success with the TFP method, and I've been able to tackle such a variety of projects, big and small, thanks to all of the contributions from people here.

Yesterday, I completed phase 1 of some upgrades and completely redid the plumbing on my pad - replaced a leaking Purex Triton Nautilus FNS for a Quad DE 60, eliminated the puck feeder and got a dummy cell installed where my shiny new Hayward AQR15 SWG will live when phase 2 (electrical upgrades) is complete.
I decided not to install a multiport valve for now and just pull the lid when it's time to clean the filter. I also added a heater bypass, which is awesome because now when I bypass the heater and adjust the return flow to mostly spa I can get my spa spillover going on low speed.



I hope everyone reading this is having an awesome day.
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