Greenhouse foundation into a pool - can it be done?


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Feb 13, 2021
Hi all - I recently bought a fixer upper in south coast of Massachusetts. Prior owner had been a botanist and had 2 commercial greenhouses on a well built concrete foundation. One is still standing and thoughts are to rehab it - other has been removed leaving an open foundation where we thought a plunge pool could go. The raised rectangular foundation of where a greenhouse had been is 24 feet wide, 30 feet long with 8 inch thick concrete walls that at are 30 -36 inches above ground. My question is whether I could use a portion of foundation to build a 12 x 24 plunge pool - using existing width and installing a concrete foundation wall at the 12 foot mark. I am not sure how deep foundation goes into ground, but was thinking of pool depth of 42 inches. Realizing anything is “doable with a full wallet”, wanted to see if having some excavation of center of open foundation to get a standard depth - and going with a liner would be feasible. Would be hiring an installer, but curious if this idea is something to consider or if I am better off turning it into a garden. Thanks for any comments / advice - IF a crazy idea and super costly, please tell me!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your biggest challenge will be finding a pool builder willing to take on that project.

I don't think having those walls will save you any money over a traditional pool dig in that location or another location on your property. Working around the existing walls will add to the expense of the project.