Green tinge to otherwise clear indoor pool water


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Oct 4, 2022
Hi from the UK. I have a problem with my indoor chlorine pool in that the water has a green tinge but is otherwise crystal clear. It wasn't always like this and when the pool was filled you could see that the pool tiles were grey. The pool company have tested the water and say that the parameters are fine but I would like to remove the green tinge. From reading your forum it seems the issue might possibly be copper in the water? If so, I have no idea how it would have got there. I am on mains water not well water.

I cannot drain and refill the pool at the moment as due to drought we are not allowed to where I live.

The pool water has only been topped up every few months since it was installed and filled in 2020.

The pool company use chlorine granules and bromine tablets in the feed hopper.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Jun 1, 2018
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The copper is often in solid chlorine products - they may have the word “blue” in the name. It is Also in copper containing algaecides.
The only way to permanently remove the copper is to exchange the water & stop adding copper containing products.
To prevent adding any more copper you would want to use liquid chlorine instead of solid forms of chlorine to reactivate your bromine.
You can use a sequestrant to “hide” the copper & prevent staining but you must keep replenishing the sequestrant or the copper problem will return.
The service will of course say that everything is fine. They want to keep their paycheck coming.
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Oct 4, 2022
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Do you have a heater?
The pool is heated via a high temperature heatpump that also heats the house hot water supply, so not a standard pool heater. We have a calorex unit Variheat AA/AW Series – Ducted Pool and Commercial Dehumidifier | Dantherm Group that controls humidity in the pool area by blowing in fresh air and calls for heat for the pool from the hot water system. The pool surround is heated by underfloor heating via a low temperature heatpump. The house build and pool is coming up to 3 years old now.
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