Green pond now just cloudy...


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Sep 1, 2010

I am so happy to have found this site! We moved back into our home the first of August after renting it out for several years. Within a week, we had algae developing and shocked per pool store instructions to no avail - had to leave for a couple of days knowing it was probably getting worse all along and it was!
After several attempts with other products, I found your site! It is working :) - the very bad mountain dew swamp is now blue but quite cloudy. I started the process on Sunday and have a couple of questions though. I did order a Taylor K2006 but it is not here yet, so I am working with the test strips and data from the pool store on Sunday.

Values Sunday (Pool store):
TC -1
FC -1
PH - 7.4
TA - 90
CH - 180
CYA - 20

Now (approx) with test strip:
TC - >10
FC - Close to 10 (the purple matches the 10 more than the 20)
PH - 7.2
TA - 80-100
CYA - Low

I used the pool calculator for the "first" shock & pretty much think it is the yellow algae. Am I following correctly that the shock value should be about 14? How can I best guesstimate on the amount of bleach until the Test Kit comes? There were yellow patches on the steps this morning that were not there all day yesterday. Do I need to increase CYA - I bought some this afternoon but haven't put it in?

Thanks so much for all of the information! We are looking forward to using this method - so much to read & learn!


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Hi! Welcome to TFP!
The yellow you are seeing may just be pollen. Yellow algae tends to cling to the sides and not deposit on top of surfaces, and it shouldn't start to show up after the pool was so recently at shock level. Test strips are notoriously unreliable and you should not use them to calculate shock levels. You can try taking a sample of 1 part pool water mixed with 1 part distilled water to your pool store for testing. Get the results and double them. Even though pool store testing is only slightly better than test strips, it is still better than nothing.
You other option is to add a 96oz jug of chlorine every day until your test kit comes in and you can see how much chlorine you really need. That will hold off any further algae growth until you can do your own testing.
Brush the pool daily and keep the pump running 24/7 until the pool is clear.


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Sep 1, 2010
Thank you so much. I put one 96 oz about two hours ago. Hopefully, the test kit will come tomorrow if not I will head up to the pool store tomorrow afternoon with your suggestion.

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