Great Wireless Pool Light Switch for cheap


Jun 28, 2020
College Station, Texas
There hasn’t been a post for a while so I thought I’d start a new thread - for those who don’t want to read further... this is the switch:

Thinkbee Wireless Lights Switch... Thinkbee Wireless Lights Switch Kit, No Wiring Mini Remote Switch, No WiFi Needed, Outdoor 1969ft Indoor 328ft Remote Control Lighting Fixture for Led Light, Ceiling Lights and Lamps, Waterproof: Industrial & Scientific

$17.99 at the time of writing.

This switch works great. It is at least 150ft away from my porch and around the corner of my limestone house. Works flawlessly with my Hayward Color Logic lights. I wired it after the existing hard switch just in case, but it fit in the same box.

I was looking for a wireless switch without possibilities of issues with WiFi or Siri (I don’t have Alexa) and this fit the bill.

The only thing I had to do was drill a small hole in the bottom of the box to run the antenna out of AND figure out that the black (hot) and white (neutral) wires were logically backwards. In my setup, the live wire comes in the bottom of the hard switch and out the top to the transformer (I had assumed the opposite). Works like a charm now that it is wired correctly.
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