Great White Vs. Dorado?


New member
Jul 21, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I recently moved and had a new in-ground pool installed. I'm not happy with the Hayward Blu pool cleaner that my pool builder supplied. In my last pool, I had a Great White which worked well. I had to take care of regular maintenance, but was not unhappy with the product. Pentair now has the Dorado which has the same internal mechanism as the Great White, but the difference between the two is the outer shell.

One of the main wear items on the Great White was the Bumper which contains weights to stabilize the unit. Over time the bumper wears down and the weights begin to slip out. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Dorado. It appears that the front of the shell is thicker and likely contains extra weight similar to the Great White. How long does the thicker shell last before needing to be replaced?

Any other insights between the Great White and Dorado?