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Dec 18, 2007
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Hi all... and it's so great to find this site!! I am a newbie to it and I gotta say.... THANKS!! I was a Ben Powell fan, but bless his heart (old Southern term), he can't seem to keep his site up. This one is great.

Here's my question. I have several, for a lack of a better word, switches/diverters that switch the water from main drain to skimmer, also returns to pool seat spa. These have a little black knob that as you tighten it, it greases the valves (there's the work I needed). I am wondering since mine are at the end of the threads, how do you regrease these? There seems to be a plate of some sort there, but no grease fitting. Is this some sort of cup that comes out and you repack it??

Thanks for any help. I am sure to have a dozen more questions in the future.

Rock G in SC


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hey, Rock,

I can't get a mental picture of the knobs you're speaking of. A picture would be great, if you can do it. (Others may not be as obtuse as me and know exactly what you're talking about)

Meanwhile, welcome!'ll find this a tremendous site.
Sounds like you have a Jandy valve with the grease cup on the side. You are supposed to unscrew it and lube it with a high quality silicone or teflon grease made for pool use. I like the Aladdin Magic Lube which is teflon based. Magic Lube II is silicone. Either one is fine to use (or any other brand made for pool equipment use). The grease fitting should be refilled every 3-6 months. Here are the instructions from Jandy:

This section does not apply to Jandy NeverLube
Valves and non-positive seal valves. NeverLube
Valves and non-positive seal valves can be identified
by the absence of a grease cap. NeverLube Valves can
also be identified by the name "NeverLube" on the
The following direction are for lubricating the valve
diverter seals.
1. Turn off all pool/spa equipment.
2. Rotate valve handle so the OFF on the handle is
over the word GREASE on the valve body.
3. Unscrew (counterclockwise) and remove the
black cap of the grease fitting.
4. Fill cap with lubricant (Jandy Lube).
5. Replace cap on fitting and turn in (clockwise)
until all of the lubricant has been forced into the
6. Move the handle from side to side to spread
the lubricant across the seal.
7. Reset the valve handle to its original position
and start equipment.
Once a year the valve should be disassembled
and the O-ring and valve body inspected for damage.
Thoroughly lubricate the square seal and the O-ring.
Reassemble the valve.


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Dec 18, 2007
South Carolina
That's it

Thanks so much for the help. I think I understand how it works now. I wasn't sure if you used a special gun to lube or not, but I think I will buy some grease and see how it goes. There is a metal "fitting?" there, so maybe the cap forces the grease through the fitting. I took pictures today of it for others to see what I'm talking about, but I am at work right now and can't post.

Thanks again for the help.... what a great site.... AND good helpful people.

Rock G in SC