gray mucus stuff on filter


Jun 8, 2011
I took my cartridge filter out this morning to clean it and it was COVERED in a gray mucus...any idea what that could be?? Could this be what is causing my water to be cloudy? I sprayed with the high pressure nozzle on my water hose but am wondering if I need to use the chemical filter cleaner on it again ( I just used it about a week ago). I would hate to ruin my filter.


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May 24, 2011
I know here in my area we have cotton wood in the air and it is attracted to my pool. It looks it is so gross and slimy when it get in the filter.


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
A full set of test results will keep us from simply guessing but, once posted, those test results will almost surely tell us the pool is lacking/has lacked in adequate chlorine.

Be prepared to shock the pool according to the SPECIFIC directions in Pool School but post the numbers up first. :lol:


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I would concur with the cottonwood suggestion. We've got cottonwood's behind our house and in the spring, it definitely looks like you described. It hard to even get out of the skimmer baskets. I usually have to clean my filter twice in the spring to get it all cleaned out. Its just about over this year.

BTW, the spanish word for cottonwood is Alamo. The Alamo in San Antonio had large stands of cottonwood's surrounding it which is where it got its name. I just thought that was interesting.