Grandchildren, pools, and bodily functions


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Mar 22, 2010
Ridgeway, SC
It occurred to me this weekend that I've neither seen nor understood the impact of the old "peeing in the pool" issue. I have 6 grandkids (and a couple of slovenly brothers and in-laws), and while they all say they wouldn't dare, I noticed over a several hour span that I was the only one that ever had to use the facilities (I like the shrubbery on the north side of the house, but Ms Dogface really raises h*ll and says I'm drawing flies! The idea!). So, I suspect chlorine demand goes up... and, as needed I add bleach, but, are there any other conditions/requirements?

I read the string started by Chem Geek in 2007..... that was an hour ago, and I just got the hysterical laughing under control enough to write this....

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