Got some Green, CYA is high... I'm a little lost


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Jun 25, 2020
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I have an ozone pool, and use trichlor tablets, the CY level is way high and i am getting algae growth and no free chlorine and I guess I need to drain some water to fix. I also found Bio-Active that I thought about trying that but then thought will the ozone kill the microbes in that and render it useless? Pondered further to wonder is that bulb still good, it is 3 years old and maybe that it an issue do I check a bulb it and I cant find it online either part is 9-1233-01 Hayward... Also think I might need to go to a different chlorine method but do not know how or what that looks like. Yea I am a mess.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... You are no more of a mess than the rest of us when we first got here... :mrgreen:

We don't have a lot of good things to say about Ozone.. It is more a marketing tool than an actual way to sanitize a pool... You still have to use chlorine, it just makes you believe you can have less... Which is backwards to our method of pool care.

What is your current CYA level? Too high tells us nothing...

How are you currently testing your pool water?


Jim R.