Got my TF 100 test kit. Here's the numbers and a question or


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May 30, 2008
Fort Gratiot MI
Hey Dave,

Excellent kit, I am very impressed with how many tests I can perform with it, great job!!!

Plus the pool store doesnt have a clue if you ask me, (they told me my FC and CC was all out of wack). I waited for the test kit to come before doing anything else ( I added some Baking soda on their recommendation before I ordered the kit and found all you great people) and I am glad I did, find you guys/gals that is!!! They did tell me that my TA was really low so a few days ago I added about 2/3 of what they said to add thats why the TA is probably high now, man they are full of it arent they? :-D

My numbers are
FC 3
CC 0
TC 3
PH 7.4
TA 140
CH 60
CYA 35
Temp 86

The TA is a little high, should I just leave it alone as everything else looks ok, and the pool is clear and will it come down on its own over time?

Also with having a heater should I get my PH up a little bit more so it wont get ruined or is the PH ok where it is?

Thanks for a great kit!!!


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May 20, 2007
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It's a little high but I'd only worry about it right now if you see your PH begin to rise....mines high too. I think it's more of an issue in pools that will have constant aeration, like a water slide or spa attached, which will cause the PH to rise.

I'm sure others will be along, who know better....