Got 6 years out of Pentair IC-40...replace with same?


Jul 16, 2017
Orlando, FL
My cell has died after 6 years. I noticed the lights weren't lit up on the cell so I check the breaker and it was fine. I opened the power center and the light wasn't on so I checked the fuse and found it was popped. I replaced the fuse and it immediately popped. I unplugged the cell and replaced the fuse and it remains good (green light inside power center stays on). Looks like the cell prices jumped up quite a bit from the $500ish range to now they are $600+, and my local pool store wants $899! My pool store suggested an option of switching out the Pentair system entirely to a Hayward 25K unit, which is close to $1,100 with the power center, stating that the replacement cell is significantly cheaper than the Pentair. I will also get a 4 year warranty. Suggestions on swapping to the Hayward, or replacing the Pentair cell?


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May 3, 2014
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If you do not have a Pentair automation system then you can change. Circupool is well regarded here on the forum.

Though, 6 years is a good run.
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Jul 7, 2014
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I too have noticed that the cell prices have gone up.. I bought my last one from Welcome to Polytec Pools

If you do not have an EasyTouch, or other Pentair automation, it might make sense to move to a different system..

If you do have Pentair automation, or plan on getting it, I'd stick with Pentair.


Jim R.
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Nov 16, 2015
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my LPS told me prices on chlorine area gonna go up because triclor comes from China and there was a huge chem factory in the southern states that burned down.....

so my thought was "lets go SWCG...." My guess is that LPS's are starting to jack prices on the SWCG's as people might catch on to the chem price increase and change over?