Gorilla Pad question


Apr 29, 2014
Graham, Tx
I am replacing a 14 ft index ultra frame with a 16 ft index ultra frame. I had sand brought in and leveled the area and placed pavers under the legs. I had a large tarp folded in half and cut to fit under the pool. Then around the pool, I put landscaping fabric and river rocks. This worked good for my 14 foot pool. I did not have any problems with grass under my pool or rocks for 3 years.

I am interested in bypassing the tarp and putting a gorilla pad down on my sand. There is not a 16 foot size, but I could get an 18 foot size. I am building a frame and plan on putting river rocks around the pool again. Would it be ok to put rocks on top of the extra gorilla pad or do I need to cut it? I was wondering if I could use it like landscaping fabric? I do attach plastic lawn edging to the legs of the pool with zip ties to keep the river rocks from getting under the edges of the pool and this worked great.

Thanks for your help.


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Jun 22, 2009
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It would be fine to put the rocks on top of the pad, and going to the trouble to make sure the rocks don't migrate under the edge of the pool liner makes it even better.