Good outer pipe glue / Spa draining into pool


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Aug 9, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
So I think I found the culprit to why my spa is draining a few inches after the pool equipment is turned off. Though I have changed all the check valves and now have some o-rings coming for all the 3-way valves, I now have another issue.

I have an 4 stage in-ground pool cleaner, and have it running at night. I just drained my pool so trying to get my chemicals back to normal. In doing so I noticed that after 40 minutes of the equipment running that it was stuck on one of the stages and not turning over to the next stage.

I went back to the equipment and noticed a pretty significant leak around the in-ground pool part (see images attached).

What suggestions if any does anyone have... is there a glue to patch this while I try another solution... do I need to have a pool guy come out (not a handy man at all)?

Thanks everyone!



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Apr 5, 2015
tucson, arizona
AA Manufacturing 5 Port Water Valve, you may need to replace. The port in the picture is to the spa, there should be a check valve on that line otherwise it will siphon from the spa heads through the valve into the pool. If you turn the three way valve 180 degrees so you turn spa off check to see if it still drains the spa.