Goldline Aquarite and EasyTouch Questions


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Mar 28, 2020
Hi - I have an EasyTouch (Compool upgraded). Previous owner had an Aquarite installed that is running software r1.4 and had an old T-15 cell.

Can I replace the cell with any generic T-15 cell, or do I need to use something specific? Are owners here partial to any certain brand that would work as a replacement?

If I decided to switch over to an Intelliclor 40, what would the main advantages be? In your opinion, would a transfer over to Pentair cell be worth the time and expense?



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Jul 21, 2013
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Generic T-15 cells are iffy with life span and warranty.

installing the IntelliChlor Power Center and IC 40 cell will give you direct control over SWG % from the ET and not require a timer to coordinate SWG runtime with your IntelliFlo pump runtime.


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Mar 28, 2020
Thanks @bdavis466 - I seem to recall reading somewhere that the connectivity between ET and Aqua Rite no longer worked. Do you know if that is the case? If it does work, would I gain anything from using an Intelliclor?

Right now, the Aqua Rite is connected to the pump relay of the ET, so don’t think I would need a separate timer or wiring.

Are salt cells kind of set and forget, or does having it connected to my ScreenLogic offer any advantage?



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Aug 4, 2014
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I have a t-cell controlled by pentair panel as we speak and it works fine.

The cells output percentage is something that you will need to change frequently based on the amount of sun and use your pool get. By having it hooked to the panel the cell will never be on when the pump isn't running and if you have a spa you can set the cell to a much lower percentage automatically when it's in use.


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May 2, 2020
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I know this is an older post but I was hoping you might be able to offer a quick clarification. Are there any firmware limitations for this to work properly? I wired as suggested but the connection only works intermittently. The Aquarite says remotely controlled for about 5secs, shuts off and comes on about 15 secs later. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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