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Sep 15, 2021
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Hello. We have a newly installed pool. 26.5K gallon liner pool and I have been working on getting the chemicals right. The past two times I have taken the water to be tested, the salt is low compared to the reading on the display. 1st time - 2640 test, 2850 display, 2nd time - 3110 test, 3600 display. The display is now showing 3600 and instant was the same. I did the reset and it calibrated both to 3500. I plan on taking the water to be tested again Thursday. I'm new to pool chemistry and these electronic systems. Is this normal for the display readings to be high? Also, I checked to make sure that the display showed the correct T-15 cell. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Mismatches between testing and a SWG display are fairly common. Especially when you rely on a pool store for testing. Pool stores rely on conductivity measurements to determine salt level and they can be off if the unit is not regularly calibrated which they rarely are in a pool store. You should get your own test kit:

Test Kits Compared

Salt Test Kit

But if the unit is happy and generating chlorine (i.e. no alarms), then you don't need to do anything. Where the measurements are useful is when the SWG unit is displaying a salt level that is significantly lower than what the drop kit test is telling you. That is an indication of scale on the cell or a failing cell.
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