Going with Yellow out. I give up


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May 2, 2020
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I have had yellow algae, even vacuumed by hand with a siphon hose to get every stinking bit of it out for a week. scrubbed, removed stairs and cleaned, backwahsed and maintained minimum 22 ppm on chlorine. Even added DE to the sand filter. Still find small amounts each day. I have sterilized hoses, bathing suits, pool tools etc. I give up going with yellow out. Here are my latest test results"
Borates 40
FC 11
CC o
PH 7.4
TA 90
CH 200
CYA 50
Phosphates 0
Metals 0
Water Temp 87

Here's my question: Instructions call for 2 lbs of granulated chlorine but I don't want to add the CYA and can't get straight chlor powder. How much does that equate to for 10% bleach?
Fell like I am cheating since BBB has worked flawlessly until now. Tired of messing with it.


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May 3, 2014
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If the Yellow Out is sodium bromide, just drain the pool now before you add it. Because you will have to drain it after you add it.

Use Poolmath to determine what FC level that is.