Going to buy a pool today and need advice


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Aug 13, 2020
Franklin Square, ny
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to purchase my first pool since I was a kid today and can use as much help as I can. I've been reading treads on here for a few weeks but made a mistake by not writing things down.

I'm going to buy a radiant pool 16x27x4 semi-ground with a heat pump. When I was last in the store the sales guy was talking up the mineral frog filter but after reading about it on here I thing I'll go with a salt cartridge filter with a vs pump. (I believe they sell Hayward)

If anyone has any advice I appreciate it. I'm not real happy they were pushing the frog system and I don't want to be naive. They are the only pool place near me that sells the radiant pools.

Thanks Andy

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: You are correct .... avoid the Frog. You don't' want the copper it emits in the water. For chlorination, you can go either manual by adding liquid chlorine (regular bleach) each day or as needed, or get a Salt Water Generator (SWG) which converts salt to chlorine gas. SWGs are certainly gaining popularity. Good luck!
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