Going Bluetooth or not? Need advice.


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Feb 19, 2021
We have a very large pull 51 feet long gunite with a table and stools, tanning ledge, bridge, etc. We want a robotic cleaner but not sure which one to get. Our system is Pentair and our builder can offer us the Prowler 920 for $300 more. I am really considering one with bluetooth because of our pool so I can have it go over areas it may have missed. Is it worth the extra charge of $700 more to get the bluetooth or no?

Also, how does the Prowler compare to the Warrior, what would be the difference?

I know a lot of people have recommended the Dolphin Nautilus CC but I can no longer find it unless through a side sight and there is no warranty. We want to still have the warranty.


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Jul 3, 2013
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Really most have said it is not worth it... call Marina pools and they will treat you right I promise, tell them we sent you :)

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Nov 28, 2020
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Warrior SE is $600 at Marina Pools and SI is $650 or so. I have the SI. Its not a waste of money for the bluetooth of the SI, but its a clunky app and you need patience. You could just grab your pole vacuum and hit the one or two missed spots in the same amount of time or less.