Gnats like black small flies all over the pool , help!!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Insects tend to be attracted to our pools on a seasonal basis, sometimes 2-3x per year. We get ants, boatman bugs, etc as well. The ants tend to float on the surface and almost congregate in piles. In any case, it's not much we can do as they are part of nature all around us. If you have decent water surface movement, they should eventually get pulled into the skimmer. Otherwise you may need to scoop them up with a net. You can try elevating your FC level "slightly" and keeping it on the higher end of the daily target range noted on the FC/CYA Chart (based on your current CYA), but that's no guarantee those pesky critters will avoid your nice oasis.

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May 29, 2019
Interesting thing. One night last week I went out at dusk to check the skimmer and add LC (I am in a good routine now!). I noticed a couple of boatman. I was pretty sure with my recent testing that I was well above target FC. Oh and my hand skimmer had broken so I even though I tried to skim them out, I couldn't do it.

Next day I went out to test and clean skimmer. Not a sign of a boatman. I had read that sometimes they will fly into the pool but once they find no algae to eat they'll move on. It seems to be what happened.