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May 16, 2012
Hi my name is Greg and I decided it was time to graduate from the annual sub 300 gallon inflatable summer pool for the kids (11 and 7) and move up to something that could be filled once per season, provide a summer full of fun, then put away for the winter and repeated annually.

At first I was looking at the Intex pools and read some really disturbing reviews online about leaks out of the box etc. So I looked at more expensive $3000 non-hard side pools people were selling on craigslist for around $1200 + dollars.

Then I found this site and realized, hey there are a lot of people with Intex pools and they are happy with them. So I said, I'm buying one, and if it leaks out of the box, I will simply patch it. And I will buy a bigger filter for it so that it has plenty of filtration capacity.

I read the pool school, and followed the instructions. We are about 3 weeks into using the pool and it has stayed clean and fun and I have no regrets. And I know if I have a problem, the good folks here will be willing and able to help me fix my problem.

Thanks! :mrgreen:


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Apr 6, 2012
Bonner Springs, Kansas
Glad you're reading up on the Intex pools, I've spoken to quite a few people who were on the edge, so i sent them here to read up on the pools as well as the great customizations (hard piping and fabricated pieces). I don't have an Intex, but love browsing and seeing the ingenuity the members of this board have! :goodjob: