Glue broken pool jet back onto return valve while water is above it

Jun 29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
Hey all,
1st post here... Thought I'd post and help out my parents for things they don't how to fix :).

So one of our pool jets (on the return valve) broke off and we haven't attached it for a couple years since my parents don't lower the water in the winter below it.
There are 2 return jets, that are very close to each other like 1ft apart, right next to the skimmer... That might be a bit unusual compared to newer pools which seem to have the return jets in more optimal locations on different sides of the pool...

Anyway they both point in one direction away from the skimmer so one jet still points in orig direction, but since the closer jet is just pushing water outwards, it isn't as optimal cleaning stuff on top of the pool I would think (the return valve with the broken jet pushes water perpendicular to the pool wall vs the good return valve+jet which points water parallel to the wall which helps push along leaves prob better).

Note: Its an old pool so it doesn't use those jets that you can point in any direction.
It looks like they are directly attached to the output jet.
I'll attach a few pics of my pool jet for reference.
I can see it was kinda glued back on multiple times be4 as there is some diff kinds of residue on there.

I was just curious if I could do this with the water still in the pool.
I googled a bit and I found maybe a product called Mr. Sticky? One of those solutions it looks where you mix 2 epoxy looking solutions together and they harden.
Would that be my best option?


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Jun 29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
hmmm i need a $45 minimum to order from that website. Don't think I see that product elsewhere.
Any other good choices that I can get from Amazon?
Mr Stickies underwater glue (ST-02) or JB Weld WaterWeld Epoxy Putty Stick (8277)?
Jun 29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
Thanks... The JB WaterWeld epoxy seems to be similar to the LocTite marine epoxy.
I already ordered the former the other night... so i'll give that a shot first and report back if it works.
Do I want to be underwater applying this epoxy stuff with my goggles on to get it fully on hehe?
It won't float away and get in my hair will it hehe? I assume I want some of the epoxy/mixture on the inside of the jet touching the wall directly and coat some on the outside of the jet forming like a shell that also forms an attachment to the wall along the edges (if that makes sense).
Jun 29, 2020
Philadelphia, PA
I tried the Mr Stickies Underwater Glue 1st and it worked.
I applied some on the jet and also around the edges and put on my goggles and put the jet in place (then took a screwdriver with more glue and placed it around the jet on the outside while it was in-place underwater).
I had to use a flat piece of wood with a 10lb weight tied to it dangling over the edge of the pool to 'hold down' the jet for a day (otherwise it would fall off while it was curing). Turned on the engine today, and the glued jet seems to be handling the flow of water pushing against it.
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