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Jul 18, 2018
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Well we are building our second pool after having moved to our new home. We are strongly considering glass tile including the waterline, spa spillway and raised rear wall. I have been reading stories of difficulties with glass tile. It seems like a lot of the problems stem from smaller tiles like 1X1 or 1X2 attached to mesh with individual tiles falling off due to smaller contact areas with the mortar. We LOVE the tile in this picture (on the left) and are curious if anyone has used a subway style tile like this and if so how was your experience. It seems like it might not have as many issues falling off given the larger surface area? Would also love any other feedback you may have on glass tile.



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Jul 3, 2013
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Glass tile is great looking and worth the extra cost.. Most of the problem comes from not having 100% coverage on the back of the glass tiles.. Also not using the correct products to install them...

I am doing an all tile pool and I am not using any glass tile because of cost.. it is expensive for the good stuff that has the glue holding the tiles on the front ( Paper faced tile ) and no glue or paper on the back...

Attached is a list of "some" not all of the products that need to be used when installing glass or any tile in a pool..




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