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Apr 29, 2021
Long Island, NY
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Hi Everyone, I am closing the pool next weekend and have a question. My skimmer has two ports. One goes directly to the pump, and the other is capped (no main drain/equalizer). As you can see, they are very close to the sides of the skimmer.
I bought a blowout Gizzmo as shown below to close the pool. If you notice, the bottom part by the threads is tapered upward. This is going to make is very tight since the port on my skimmer is so close to the edge (which rises approximately an inch). My concern here is potentially stripping the threads and not getting a good seal or causing damage.

I found these online, made by CMP (brand of my skimmer), and the tapered part is flat, which I believe should work and get me past the lip on the side of the threaded hole.

Am I overthinking this? Does anyone have a similar setup? I plan on leaving water level normal for the winter (vinyl pool/vinyl steps, so don't want to drain), so the blowout functionality would be preferable.

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Jun 16, 2019
Am I overthinking this?
Possibly. You have it, so give it a gentle try. It either rubs or it doesn’t. If it does hit the side, the blue one looks like a winner.

If neither of them work take the gizzmo to HD and buy the right threaded fitting to make a screw in pvc pipe and use a rubber stopper to plug it. Then for ice expansion load the skimmer with cut up pool noodles.
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