Gizmo? and pool cover?

Hello all! Just starting to think about what I need to close down this year :cry: and I have a question about the Gizmo. Do I need one even though I use a skimmer plate cover?

Also, we had to throw out our solid winter cover when we opened this year and I was wondering how many of you don't cover your pools in the winter. It is such a pain for us to cover our pool...It usually takes 4-5 people to cover it and we can never get that pillow out in the middle of the pool! Do you find that the water turns green if you leave off the cover?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Putting the gizzmo in the skimmer is a kind of insurance. Water shouldn't get into the skimmer, but if it does somehow the gizzmo will protect it. It is always best to have this kind of defense in depth as eventually water will find a way in. It is the same thing with anti-freeze. We seal the pipes so water can't get in and add anti-freeze in case it gets in anyway.

It is quite possible to keep algae away without a cover, though it can be challenging in some situations. The key is to keep a close eye on the pool (remove leaves, add chlorine) while the water temperature is at all warm (say above 40 or 50). When the water is cold enough nothing is likely to grow in the pool. That means winterizing fairly late in the season and opening fairly early so you can have some circulation and chlorine in the pool at intermediate temperatures.


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May 8, 2007
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I live in Nashville, TN which is not that much further south and I do not close my pool. We just keep an eye on the weather and when it looks like it might drop below freezing we make sure to keep the pump running 24/7 to prevent any pipes from freezing. It seems to work for us.

Jun 12, 2007
Have you tried a mesh cover? I tried last year with a solid cover and was badlly disappointed. This year I order a mesh cover for 20 x 40 pool for abour 140. Ask me next spring how well this did.

I leave pump running in winter to keep pipes from breaking.