Give up on above ground pool?


Jun 19, 2017
Holden, MO
I have chronic pain so the pool is good for me, especially with pools not opening possibly this summer because of Covid. However, we've had a really hard time with our above-ground pool, and spent way too much on it so far.

When we moved into the house it hadn't been used for a while, so needed a new liner. I found TFP and did pretty well that summer maintaining the water.
Then we kept having problems with vacuuming, never being able to get all the leaves/debris, so we bought a new pump and hose as they were pretty old from the original owners.

We followed all the directions with the hose/vacuum, and it would just seem clogged repeatedly so I'd turn it off while my husband was in the water and we'd disconnect it, look for leaves, etc. but it was fine. I found other tips and tried those as well, making sure the hose was full of water before connecting to vacuum head, etc.
That didn't seem to take care of the problem, so I couldn't stay on top of maintaining clear, safe water.

So we left it alone last year, and are debating about trying again or just being done with it. It's a swampy green mess, and our water source (pump) is currently not working either. So we'd need to get that fixed to even fill the pool to have enough to run the pump, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

I really don't know why the vacuum still isn't efficient, and don't know anything else to try differently this year.
Thoughts, suggestions?
Thank you

We have a round 24' above-ground pool with an Index 2,800 GPH Sand Filter Pump


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Jun 10, 2017
Ottawa/ON, Canada
For about 30$ you can get a leaf gulper. This baby just sucks things up into a net, using a cyclone from your hose. I love mine. Learned about it here. It's saved me A TON of vacuuming time and even gets stuff my robot didn't. Best of luck!!
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May 8, 2012
Southeast Michigan
We have a 3/4 hp pump and it is almost useless for vacuuming. (we bought it cheap because our Doughboy 1 hp died last summer and we needed something quick)
Sorry but you need a stronger pump and larger filter for that large pool.
kimkats tells you straight. She knows what she speaks. I'd listen to her any time. :kim:
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Jun 19, 2017
Holden, MO
Ok, thanks. I had calculated the pump we needed based on gallons of water and came up with that one as fine, but I'll look into something different.
So just to clarify, if we had a better pump, that would take care of the problem? Thanks


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
The chlorine put in doing the SLAM as seen here SLAM Process will take care of the base problem of the algae. The new pump and filter will be able to clean up what the chlorine kills and your brushing knocks off the walls and stirs up into the water. Proper water testing, chlorine, and time are your major weapons to clean your water then the pump/filter to clean up the battle debris!