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Sep 30, 2020
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So my pool was built pre-NEC req for GFCI and none of my equipment is GFCI protected. I am going to replace a waterfall pump soon and figured I’d look at putting all the equip on GFCI while I’m at it.

I have a cutler hammer sub panel (pic) w 6 20 amp breakers:

- Three 2-pole breakers (single speed pool pump, single speed waterfall pump, spa blower)

- Three single-pole breakers (lights, automation panel /SWG, gas heater)

Lights are on a low voltage transformer.

Panel door only lists CH breakers. I’ve been looking for CH breakers and I can’t even find any in stock anywhere - they are also crazy expensive. Six GFCI breakers will be well over $600. Is there a less expensive way to do this? Such as:

a) replace 50 amp breaker in main panel w GFCI to protect sub panel. Concerned about frequent nuisance trips. Has anyone successfully done this?
b) rewire sub panel to reduce number of breakers
c) something else?
Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! 929BDFD4-A049-4192-895A-2C4BC1675D7A.jpeg


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Aug 19, 2014
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If you can do it at the main, not the sub, I'd go for that. It's how I have the pump & heater on GFCI.

False Tripps should not be an issue unless you have a pentair vs pump. They need Siemens GFCI breakers to avoid that.
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